Deep Night

for Vibraphone and Piano

Program notes:

The composition is inspired by the silent and lonely night. I perceive it as a gradual sinking to the world of dreams; like a journey of the mind, from the most ideal and utopian fantasies to the most absurd and uncanny ones. The first movement is like a sweet, heady and enchanting lullaby which unconsciously "forces" me to leave from the real world and "dive" gradually into my world of dreams. I imagine a vague world abound in crystals, flowing water and all different kinds of blue and cinnabar colors, subtle and fragile in their presence. The second movement describes a deeper level of sleep when bizarre objects and situations blend with each other in a frenetic rhythm, like a complex surrealistic scene. I constantly see colors of dark blue, blue-purple and red, like the colors of the sky in late evening and at night. All these undefined shapes and objects bring out mysterious, scary, nostalgic but attractable feelings too.

Commissioned by and dedicated to percussionists George Madikas and Jade Hails

Circa 14'