Echoes of Haze

for Small Orchestra

Program notes:

The misty atmosphere, the gloomy, the isolated and the industrial environment of the trains and harbor of Thessaloniki have always had a mysterious charm to me. The distant view of the harbor cranes in a foggy day, the hidden romance of an indefinable nostalgia, the pale blue of the sky, the fantasy of the sound of old trains: all these images were mixed with my own impressions and memories from those -time altered- places and finally led to a creation of a composition with intense contrasts. Through a nebulous and narcotic atmosphere, a deep truth is gradually revealed and breaks out dynamically at the end: a truth which dominates inside me by nature. The truth of the inseparable connection between myself and my origin.

(1 fl. 1 ob. 1 cl. 1 bsn. 1 hn. 1 trpt. 2 perc. Timp. vln I, vln II, vla, vc, d.bass)

Circa 10’