Echoes of Nostalgia

for 9 musicians

Program notes:

"Ashes and smoke emerge from the depths of the Greek land. Mysterious melodies are gradually being reborn from the hazy darkness, like memories which are coming from a distant and unknown past. Emotions unconsciously reign over my heart; hope and sadness at the same time. My mind is overwhelmed with vague and agitated sounds and dances in an unpredictable and turbulent rhythm. The light is struggling to prevail over the darkness, gradually bringing an intense feeling of an undefined nostalgia to the surface; this nostalgia is soul-stirring and inevitable. However, it is desirable."

The piece is inspired by the Greek & Asia Minor folk music and in particular, from the timbre of the "politiki" lyra (classical kemenche) instrument.

For 9 musicians [greek lyre (classical kemenche), flute, clarinet, percussion (tam-tam, vibraphone, marimba, bass drum), harp, piano, violin, violoncello, double bass]

Commissioned by the Greek Ensemble of Contemporary Music.

Scheduled for Premiere in March 2022, Music Megaron Athens

Circa 12’