Imaginary Wanderings on Edward Hopper’s paintings

for 15 musicians

Program notes:

The initial thinking of composing this piece is inspired by the artwork of the American painter Edward Hopper. At first glance, his paintings give me the impression of a serene, calm, slightly neutral and empty beautiful atmosphere which makes me want to relax in that landscapes. I imagined nature sounds, air, bird sounds etc. Although, as I continue starring at his paintings, I feel that this positiveness hides a frozen, mysterious, scary and isolated environment. At the same time, the same elements cause contradictional feelings to me. The combination of intense clean colors, harsh light, and the only few unspoken people depicted in his paintings reveals this emptiness, which can be viewed either as a desirable tranquility or as a negative isolation. I can't say though that the whole piece is a precise description of Edward Hopper's paintings. The piece is about my own impressions and feelings caused by his paintings. As the piece reaches the 3rd movement, these impressions are being totally transformed into something really nostalgic, dramatic, chaotic and very emotional: something subconscious that comes straight from my soul.

[flute, english horn, clarinet, horn, bassoon, trombone, percussion I (tubular bells, vibraphone, suspended cymbal, triangle) percussion II (musical saw, tam-tam, 1 large timpano (lowest register), ocean drum, glockenspiel, 1 antique cymbal), harp, piano, celesta, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass]

Circa 14’