Into the Abyss

for Piano Quintet

Program notes:

Into the Abyss is a five- movement composition for two violins, viola, violoncello and piano.

I consider this piece to be an attempt of overcoming the perishable, the provisional and the ephemeral, that characterizes our own nature. However, this piece is also an uncanny world, a creation of my anarchic and bottomless imagination. It is the chaos which tries to take shape, to organize these ideas that upset and flood my mind. A chaos which is yet so related with the stressful and anxious practical everyday life. Its shape is so fragile and so related with the reality of everyday life that I could not guarantee that - independently of time and space - it would be exactly the same. This chaos is the persistent and the fearless looking at my internal abyss, a world with no limits and sizes. It is again my constant need for expressing the Anguish, the Serenity, and the Mystery: these three elements sometimes fight with each other and other times coexist, all of them expressed through the unceasing and invincible will of my obsessive musical ideas; The almost total Darkness and the disengagement from it, the unchanged and pure Light of the Sun, and the mysterious, charming and illusive hazy Light of the Fire. Well, I want all of them to become One.

(2 violins, viola, violoncello & piano)

Circa 25'