The Leaving Sun

for Violin, tenor Saxophone & Piano

Program notes:

The composition describes the feelings that are exerted by the moment the Sun begins to set; the psychological internal tension, the awe and the drama engendered by looking at the sunset. The beginning of the piece gives the sense of someone getting suddenly into a powerful battle, which stands as a metaphor for the awareness of the ephemeral and the inevitable death of the light on the horizon. However, when the view of the Sun gets lost behind the horizon, some fragments of its light remain in the sky. Those fragments are the memories, totally altered and deformed and having the characteristic of serenity but also of resignation at the same time. These memories echo the Sun, provoking a bittersweet flavor in us; bitter because of the inevitable passing of every day, marked by the sunset; sweet because of the hope that the Sun will rise again the next day.

Commissioned by the 10th Thessaloniki Contemporary Music Lab

Premiered November 10 2019, Megaron Mousikis Thessaloniki

Maria Spanou, Violin
Georgios Lygeridis, tenor Saxophone
Eftihia Veniota, Piano

Circa 6’