Vision on a Mystic Lake

for Trumpet in Bb, Violin, Double Bass & Piano

Program notes:

"The view of a dark lake at night appears. The climate is cold and nebulous and somewhat unfriendly. The colors of the lake are dark blue and purple and the sky has a very dark grey created by the intense fog. The feeling when standing at this place is stark and frozen but at the same time very intense. Then, when looking on the surface of the lake, I see a beautiful and solemn Gothic church reflected on the water, while quiet bells are ringing and unearthly voices echo from an unknown distance, like angels singing. I feel simultaneous serenity and terror. As I continue looking at the church and trying to listen to those voices, I see an indistinct silhouette emerging from the water. The silhouette captures my attention and comes closer to me. It is a charming mysterious woman. I have a feeling that a mystic ritual is going on when gradually my eyesight is being muddled and all these charming elements are being transformed into something really scary."

Dedicated to Ioanna Gamarazi

Circa 13’