A glimpse of Autumn

for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello & Piano

Program Notes:

"A glimpse of Autumn" is a three-movement (+ "Coda") composition for flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello and piano written in autumn 2020.

The composition is inspired by Japanese folk music and nature. Each movement describes a Haiku poem in english. The structure of each movement is inspired by the "minimalistic" approach of Haiku writing; clear short verses like simple statements. Movement II describes a poem (translated in english) by Japanese Haiku poet Takahama Kiyoshi (1874-1959). Movements I and III are based on poems written by me, as an attempt to write in the style of Japanese Haiku in english language.

I: "A hazy night lake

The water moves slightly

Under the brume's smoke"

written by Menelaos Peistikos

II: "The distant mountain

Catch the sun

The desolate field"

(english translation) written by Takahama Kiyoshi (1874-1959)

III: "An autumn sky

I see the rainy clouds

With nostalgia"

written by Menelaos Peistikos

Selected as one of the 4 winning compositions for the 2021 Open Call for Young Greek Composers – Israeli Chamber Project

Premiered by Israeli Chamber Ensemble, April 2021

Circa 5'