A Mystic Journey

for Large Orchestra

Program notes:

The piece is inspired by the photographs of contemporary photographer Xaris Demirtzian. The 1st movement "Everyday" begins with a "quasi minimalistic" style and depicts the constant motion of everyday life which is characterized by repetitiveness and anxiety. The sudden "Stravinsky-barbarian" passages symbolize the chaotic atmosphere of the big cities, while the nostalgic and lyrical passages represent the concern about this stressful lifestyle. The 2nd movement "Birds and sky" describes a pleasant break from all the noise. The music is now created by bird sounds in a serene, meditative and calm atmosphere. The subtle and fragile sounds gradually increase and construct a soundmass of bird sounds. The ethereal atmosphere is suddenly converted into a very intense and scary one, which marks the beginning of the 3rd movement. In the 3rd movement (called "The dark path"), the pleasant serenity is lost. The anxiety returns, but this time in a terrifying and mysterious frame, like a quest for the darkest places in someone's soul. Finally, the 4th movement (called "Through the fog") is a gradual escape from the darkness, an attempt to reach the light from afar. The failure of this attempt leads to the most powerful and emotional outburst of the piece, the final dramatic explosion.