for solo Violoncello

Program notes:

The composition is inspired by medieval, renaissance christian music and also by Greek folk music. The title "Deserts" symbolizes the internal solitude of a human's being. It is an elegiac chant of the imaginary, an attempt of viewing our inevitable mental isolation.

inaccessible and empty churches from the white light to the hazy darkness.
An imaginary place or multiple places.
Smoke and dark colors. Mystery.
The endless alienation of the white.

The empty serenity evokes an internal drama.
Unearthly elegiac voices uncontrollably emerge from inside me.

All of these like small deserts in my mind.
A prison which feels like freedom.
A charming Solitude. "

Commissioned by and dedicated to cellist Efstratia Chaloulakou

Recorded July 18, 2021 Polytropon Recording Studio
Efstratia Chaloulakou, Violoncello

Circa 7'