Echo Lontano

for solo Piano

Program notes:

The piece is composed for the purpose of framing a modern exhibition at the MOMus which illustrates fine art in the style of comics from several contemporary Greek sketch artists. These sketches depict specific events of manifestation of racism and violence against social minorities and protesters in Greece and attempt to decry and criticize these actions and fight neo-nazism, nationalism and racism. The motive of the exhibition is "Put them an X”. "Echo Lontano" is premiered and videotaped inside this exhibition. In my opinion, the combination of Art and violence in the museum hall consist of a double paradox. First, there is an internal contrast in the sketches; on the one hand, they are aesthetically pleasing while on the other hand, they depict violence, neo-nazism and racism which is something abhorrent and censurable. Secondly, the hall of the museum is white and minimal and has a peaceful atmosphere, totally in contrast with the sketches on its walls.

I perceive this exhibition as an attempt to confront violence with peace and the power of Art. My aim was to reprove violence by bringing its opposite; peace and its beauty. However, when I watched closely at these sketches, I thought of the impact that the violent assaults have on the mental state of the victims and I concluded that violence is something that is difficult to be easily forgotten. Beyond its stigmas on their physical health, its effects are still present on the psychological health of the victims. Violence does not outweigh peace in "Echo Lontano". There are only small fragments of it, dissonant and mechanical in their presence. Hope and peace are the cure which tries to extinguish violence making it look only like a distant echo.

Commissioned by Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra and MOMus (Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki)

Premiered May 2020
MOMus hall 1st floor

Marilena Liakopoulou, Piano

Circa 5'