Le persone al Sole

for solo Piano

Program notes:

The piece is inspired by the homonymous painting "People in the Sun" by the famous painter Edward Hopper. What I find so interesting about Edward Hopper's paintings and especially for "People in the Sun" is its ambiguous atmosphere. The intense sunlight gives at first the impression of some people enjoying a pleasant day. Although, when I begin to observe more carefully the elements of the painting, I realize that the initial satisfaction is deceptive. There are five (or six) people which do not communicate with each other at all. They seem so rapt by the sunlight that they just stay still in their seats. At the same time, the intense sunlight has a somewhat frozen effect on the appearance of the people, making them look like puppets. I wanted to describe this contradictory impression that this painting reflects on me. It is a luminous image which lurks a mysterious and scary atmosphere caused by immobility and loneliness. While I feel this atmosphere, an image of people looking at the sea the moment before the end of a sunset comes out for a little bit, like another imaginary painting of my mind. The atmosphere of this imaginary image is nostalgic and melancholic. At the end, these two images are combined strangely with each other, having as a common object the element of the Sun.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Erato Alakiozidou

Premiered July 31 2019, Archeological Museum of Teano

Erato Alakiozidou, Piano

Circa 3’