On the Vision and the Riddle

for solo Piano

Program notes:

I. The Wanderer 0'00''
II. On the Vision and the Riddle 3'57''
III. On the Vision and the Riddle 9'04''

The idea of composing this piece is inspired by Nietzsche's famous philosophical work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", and specifically the first two chapters of the third part of the book; "The Wanderer" and "On the Vision and the Riddle". In my opinion, "The Wanderer" is an introduction for "On the Vision and the Riddle", a preparation for the vision of the loneliest one that Zarathustra describes. Each movement of the piece describes each of the three chapters ("On the Vision and the Riddle" has got two parts). I believe that these two little chapters and the whole philosophical work generally, is a true treasure and a legacy of culture that this so gifted a man called "Friedrich Nietzche" has given to the world of philosophy, art and the whole humanity. Thus, I attempted to convert these pompous, aggressive, energetic and simultaneously so lyrical, poetic and inspiring words into a piano piece. I perceive these two chapters as a mystical and dark atmosphere, as an imaginary abysmal, majestic internal world of human mind.

Awarded the 2nd Prize in the “4th Opus Dissonus World Composition Competition for solo piano”, December 2018

Premiered February 2018, State Conservatory of Thessaloniki

Petros Palaskas, Piano

Recorded July 28, 2021, Vangelis Katsoulis Studio Athens,

Alexandra Papachristou, Piano

Circa 16'