for alto Saxophone & Piano

Program notes:

The composition describes the battle between the Delusion and the Truth. Delusion is what lives between me and the Waves (Vagues), the mystery and the eerie peacefulness that provoke to me, while the Truth wants to pull me out of the water, to cause the drama and to remind me that I was living beautiful illusions the moment before: "I choose to submerse in Delusion. It is more familiar to me; mysterious and frighteningly serene, but for sure more charming than the Truth.''

Commissioned by Hermes Duo (Georgios Lygeridis & Eftihia Veniota)

Premiered July 10-14, 2018,
XVIII World Sax Congress 2018

Georgios Lygeridis, alto Saxophone
Eftihia Veniota, Piano

Circa 10'